Ivy DSL - Value Priced ADSL for Businesses

We offer to you the best value in business grade ADSL in BC and Alberta. We're geared for for small retail chains, but we'll happily take on your business account if you only need a single Internet connection.

$40/month per line for a 6Mbps down (1Mbps upload) ADSL line with a static IP address.
$60/month per line for a 25Mbps down (5Mbps upload) line with a static IP address - not available in all areas.

Installation and setup fees are waived for self installs and a 1 year contract. Self-installs are easy, you just plug in the ADSL filters and modems.

All our ADSL lines include a static IP address to make management, security, and support of network of your multi-location network much easier.

Ivy DSL has been operating in a closed beta with retailers for whom we had pre-existing IT consulting business relationships since early 2009. We're happy with the reliability and performance, so we're now ready to take on new clients who would like to bring down their ADSL costs.