Ivy DSL Support for our BC and Alberta ADSL clients

Settings and support

ADSL Modems:
- IvyDSL.com recommends SpeedTouch branded modems, though other ADSL modems should also work fine.

ADSL Modem protocol:
- ADSL in BC and Alberta runs on VCP/VPI mode 0/33. Your modem will not work if it is not properly configured.

Outgoing SMTP Mail Server:
- mail.ivydsl.com

DNS Servers:

For businesses that wish to block end-user access to non-work related activities, we suggest researching OpenDNS.com's free DNS service, which provides features to block access to categories of websites such as social networking, email, and other personal web use.

email: support@ivydsl.com
phone: 604-780-1480